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Entering the Space of Deep Knowing Within

There is a place within ourselves where the core of who we are in our truest self resides. This is the heart of our souls. How can we access this sacred space within?

The key to entering the gate of this precious garden within is through silence. For many this may seem like a foreign or even stressful idea. Silence can be something we actually actively avoid. For many of us our day to day lives are so filled with noise, busyness and chaotic schedules that the idea of silence is actually anxiety-producing. I would love to show you another side of silence.

What I would like to introduce you to is a place of calm, of peace, of serenity. There is a place of true refreshment, a sanctuary within where we can go to find that peace and to reenergize our souls. I am writing a series of blog posts that step by step will show you the way. Why is this important? I can tell you from my own life experience why. When we access that place within, we find our calling and purpose in life. There is no more wondering. We know. In this place, we are also able to access a depth of care that allows us to heal from wounds that have been left open or hidden for far too long.

Come with me on a journey of beauty, of healing, of life-changing intuition and soul knowledge. It is time to awaken from our states of soul unconsciousness and to awake to the joy of presence, of mindfulness and the knowledge of who we are and why we are here.

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Thank you so much for your gift to someone like myself.

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