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What is Your Dream?

Is there something that has been coming to your mind and consciousness on a regular basis, that is making it’s home in your heart? Is there something that you love to do and that just keeps being an inspiration that tells you to explore the possibilities?

This is the kind of nudge that I kept feeling just before I realized that whether I thought I was ready or not, or was afraid or not, my life was about to change. It was something I couldn't get out of my mind. Day and night there was a message telling me to look deeper and to go further in my thoughts to my dreams. For me it was painting and creating. It became my refuge of healing - a sanctuary where peace flooded my soul. I knew that my life needed some changes in order for my body and my heart to heal.

Saying yes to our dreams can be scary and feel uncertain and as if we are on shaky ground. But when we go through the fear and take that step into the unknown to say yes, one step at a time, it is then that we take flight and our lives begin to change and start taking on the joy and energy of the things we most love. Step by step, saying yes over and over to each step as small or as large as it may be will bring you to a place that you had at one time only dreamed of. Dreams are meant to be manifested and lived. You can live your dreams. If you wonder how that can be possible, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I am a living example of dreams becoming a reality. Believe me. I walked through some of the deepest fears and the darkest moments. But one step at a time, some little yeses and some big ones made a new life unfold in front of my eyes. Of course a person still has the challenges of life each day. But you can welcome a life you love one step at a time.

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You are a true child of God. A student, a teacher, a guide. I am blessed to call you my guide.

Jul 12, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much, dear Lon. I am grateful for your encouragement, support and love. ❤️

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