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You Are Enough

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

It seems that very many of us have a feeling within that we are not enough...not good enough, attractive enough, smart enough, interesting enough, worthy enough, not spiritual enough, not creative enough, and on and on it goes. I know because I am one of those who has felt this at many times in my life.

The question is, why? Where have we gotten the idea that we are not enough exactly as we are? It could have come from anywhere. It could have been a rude or misinformed relative, it could have been a stranger, a teacher, or a friend. It could have been something said or left unsaid that made us think we were not enough. It could have been a look, or a gesture we did not understand. It could have been our own reaction to something we have done that we felt was not the way we had hoped it would be. Sometimes it comes from a true trauma and leaves us with a feeling that if we were enough, good enough, or worthy enough that the trauma wouldn't have happened to us. This is the place where we need to spend some time. This is the sacred space of healing. Go within in quiet and dwell in that space. Take a moment and think of yourself as you were in those first moments on the day you were born. That beautiful newborn baby is perfect, worthy, all good, and enough exactly as you were.

What we need to understand is that nothing has changed in the years since that sacred day.You are the same beautiful soul, the same precious being that you were in those first moments.In this world, difficult and painful things happen. People say and do things that are hurtful because of their own painful experiences and how they feel about themselves. As painful and traumatic as these experiences are, they have nothing to do with your worth, your intelligence, or your goodness. You are pure good, and worthy of kindness, love and all the beauty that life can offer. You are enough. You are more than enough and always have been. Read that again slowly. You are enough, dear soul. You are more than enough and always have been. You are precious and beloved of God exactly as you are without exception.

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1 Comment

Jul 13, 2021

I could not love this any more!

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